A virtual track of your champ and the place they are in ...

School Days are no more Hectic with Exigo bracing you all round. We propound a foremost solution for student’s travel worries. The school going students are wired to the parents and administrators with The Exigo School Bus Tracking App and Students Attendance system. The App enables flawless communication between the parents, drivers and administrators efficiently. The software is robust and Mobile friendly with high speed interface and Responsive panels. The Exigo School Bus Tracking System put together the advantages of GPS, RFID tags, Internet, Phone Apps and frontline technologies.

Exigo is Phone linked and web based School Bus Route tracker letting the administrators manage the routes accurately. The portal provides access to authorities on the database that holds the information regarding the number of students in a bus, the route map with designated destinations ,the travel time and push notifications in times of any travel hindrances. The Bus Tracking systems provide the transport heads to manage all the school buses and the app allows the parents to notify the absence of their ward, update the pick-up and drop off locations.

The Bus Attendance System follows the presence of the students inside the bus and the stop they leave through RFID tags and students ID recognition. The app allows the parents to track the students and ensure their security. The safety and security of the students without compromising the privacy and peace of mind to the parents is what we promise here at Exigo Solutions.