Tackle school data silos painless with Exigo Erp.

School database management software is distinctively designed to aid and incorporate the administrative fragments within an academic organization. Exigo ERP provides an absolute platform for automating educational institutions information management. We help you go Digital effortlessly and well ordered, maintaining the entire crucial database that integrates a school environment.

We mindfully encapsulate individual school software interlacing advanced tools and nifty features at minimal cost making our School ERP system well-liked and popular across the counter. Exigo Digital School ERP efficiently manages the data flow providing clarity and transparency with trouble-free and quick communication. The EXIGO school app and software focuses on the ease of access with user friendly accents for administrators, educators, students and parents as well.

Information tracking, complaints and query handling, data archiving, are hassle free with Browser based integration of Exigo school software making it independent web hinged platform. The inbuilt Mobile Android, phone Apps for student-tutor-parent with advanced features , RFID based attendance , System generated notifications, Online student login portals, fee due reminders and Payment options are our prominent attributes .The Exigo software supports Windows MAC and Linux Operating Systems.

Exigo school software system caters the demand of the users combining the School Info Management, Teacher-Student and Teacher-Parent, Exam management, Attendance, Fee, Library, Payroll and Human Resource management effectively. We are determined to be the best digital school managing partner to streamline every school administrations
We guarantee Safe, Error-Free and Pocket friendly school ERP system with Easy installation and updation enhancing every academic needs.